Community Update: NEW Registered Disability Savings Plan/Disability Tax Credit Program

October 2016

Disability Alliance BC (DABC) is thrilled to announce a new province-wide program to help British Columbians with disabilities access the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). This new service has been made possible through the generous support of the Vancouver Foundation and will be provided in partnership with Plan Institute and the BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS).

Through this new partnership, DABC advocates provide direct service by:
- Helping people who are eligible for the RDSP to apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), a pre-requisite for the RDSP.
- Connecting individuals who have the DTC to Plan Institute or BCANDS who will help people open an RDSP.

In addition to direct assistance, DABC will travel to communities across BC to raise awareness about the program with a goal to increasing the number of people accessing the RDSP. We will provide information about the RDSP and DTC through workshops and one-on-one clinics, and will meet with community organizations, banks, and credit unions to promote the RDSP.

For more information about the DTC and RDSP or to request a workshop, please call Linda at DABC: 604-872-1298; 1-800-663-1278 or email
Plan Institute’s RDSP Helpline (1-844-311-7526) is a great resource for information about the RDSP and DTC. Plan will also be administering the Endowment 150 program, formally operated by the Vancouver Foundation.

More about the RDSP
The RDSP is a long-term savings plan designed to help Canadians with disabilities at all income levels save for their futures. One reason the RDSP is so unique is because eligible individuals who open RDSPs can receive federally administered grants and bonds worth as much as $90,000 during a person’s lifetime.

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New Tax AID DABC video

tax-aid-dabc-2015-CMYK (2)

Since July 2015, Tax AID DABC advocates have helped British Columbians receiving provincial disability assistance to file their income taxes so that they can take full advantage of all the benefits and credits available to them. As of October 2016, Tax AID DABC advocates have helped more than 335 clients to file 931 years of taxes and access over $670,000 in tax credits and benefits. Curly Tail Pictures has produced a great new video that provides info about the program and features stories from some of the clients who have benefitted from Tax AID DABC’s assistance.

There are two versions:

The full version:

The short version:

With sincere thanks to the Vancouver Foundation for making this important work possible.


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Free webinar series with Al Etmanski & Vickie Cammack – IMPACT-Ability

On October 24th, Plan Institute, in partnership with Tamarack Institute, will be launching an exciting free Webinar Series with Al Etmanski and Vickie Cammack based on Al’s bestselling book IMPACT: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation. The book chronicles more than fifty stories of impact: impact that transforms, that lasts, and that disrupts the status quo. Vickie and Al have spent the last dozen years studying the field of social innovation to learn more about impact.

Please join them for this webinar series as they discuss the ways people who live with disabilities and their families have a distinct talent for continuously inventing and creating ways out of adversity to achieve “impact-ability”.

In each one-hour session, Al and Vickie will focus on one of the patterns identified in his book and interview a special guest whose experience led to the pattern and whose work exemplifies it. In the first session, coming up on Monday, October 24th 2016 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. EST, 9:00am – 10:00am PST, Al and Vickie will interview Honourable Minister Carla Qualtrough to open up the webinar series and discuss the Importance of Being a Wise Traveller.

For an overview of the IMPACT-Ability series and a list of upcoming sessions, visit their site. To register for the first session, please do so here.

Join for one session, all seven, or whatever your schedule will allow and be a part of a virtual learning circle with people from a diverse range of sectors who share your curiosity about strengthening their effectiveness at advancing positive change.

Happy virtual learning!

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Note re: donation solicitation

Please note: we do not solicit donations over the phone. If you receive a call from someone who is claiming to be from DABC and requesting money, this is a scam.

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Community Update: Province Exempts EI Maternity and Parental Benefits for PWD and Income Assistance Recipients


Dear Community Partner,

The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (MSDSI) has made some changes which, starting on October 1st, will impact some PWD and income assistance recipients. Employment Insurance (EI) maternity and parental benefits and EI benefits for parents caring for critically ill children will now be exempt. This means that these benefits will not be deducted from their assistance cheques.

The Province has posted a news release about this change on its website: DABC sees this as a positive change, which will benefit families across BC.

If you have any questions about the information in this community update, please contact our Advocacy Access department at 604-872-1278 (toll-free: 1-800-663-1278), or email

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DABC Community Update: Help Sheets Updated

Dear Community Partner,

Over the past year, there have been several changes to the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) benefit, including a rate increase and changes to the BC Bus Pass Program. To reflect these and other changes, we have fully updated our Help Sheet series.

To view the series, please visit the Money and Income Supports page on our website:

Hard copies are also available. If you would like us to mail you copies, please contact Val at 604-875-0188 or

The list of our Help Sheets is as follows:

Help Sheet #2: The Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Benefit Application
Help Sheet #3: Checklist for the PWD Benefit
Help Sheet #4: Monthly Nutritional Supplement (MNS)
Help Sheet #5A: Appealing Denial of the PWD Benefit: The Reconsideration Request
Help Sheet #5B: Appealing Denial of the PWD Benefit: The Appeal Tribunal
Help Sheet #6: Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers to Employment (PPMB)
Help Sheet #7: Health Supplements for People with Disabilities
Help Sheet #8: Trusts for People Receiving the PWD Benefit
Help Sheet #9: Employment, Education and Training for People with Disabilities
Help Sheet #11A: Appealing Denial of PPMB: The Reconsideration Request
Help Sheet #11B: Appealing Denial of PPMB: The Appeal Tribunal
Help Sheet #12: Income Assistance Application Process for People with Disabilities
Help Sheet #13: Rate Amounts for PWD and PPMB Benefits
Help Sheet #14: Registered Disability Savings Plan and the Disability Tax Credit
Help Sheet #15: People with Disabilities on Reserve: The PWD Designation
Help Sheet #16: Guide to Filing Income Taxes for People Receiving PWD/PPMB

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