Job Opportunities: Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant

DABC has received information about two job opportunities:

There are two, two-year contract Accessibility & Inclusion Consultant positions available. These positions will support the Presidents Group’s Pathfinding Project, working with the disability and business communities to research, pilot and develop a toolkit of resources, approaches and processes that will support increased employment success rates for people with disabilities.

To view the job posting, please click here.

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All Abilities Connected Communities – Opportunity for Youths with Disabilities


For more information, please download the recruitment letter.

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CCD Media Release re: Accessibility of Passenger Transportation

We have received the following media release from the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD):

Media Release

For Immediate Release │November 16, 2016

CCD Says Regulations Are Necessary to Increase the Accessibility of Passenger Transportation

On Thursday, November 17, 2016 in Montreal, Bob Brown, Co-Chair of CCD’s Transportation Committee, will attend the federal government’s roundtable discussion on planned accessibility legislation, as it relates to transportation.  The federal government regulates air, rail, interprovincial marine and bus transportation.  Roundtable organizers want participants to identify gaps in the legal and policy environment and to suggest ways for Canada to make transportation more accessible.  Among other recommendations, CCD will urge the adoption of comprehensive accessibility regulations.

In the 1990s, when Canada turned its back on binding accessibility regulations in favour of voluntary codes of practice to prevent barriers, progress in Canada toward a fully accessible transportation system became lamentably slow.  The burden to remedy transportation barriers through litigation fell on people with disabilities and their organizations, such as CCD.

CCD has firsthand experience with how carriers are ignoring voluntary codes.  In 2000, VIA Rail purchased and attempted to put into service inaccessible passenger rail cars, which violated the standards of the voluntary rail code. The cars purchased by VIA had been rejected by other countries that had accessibility regulations.  Travelers using wheelchairs would have essentially been segregated in a sleeper compartment on the lounge car.  With great risk to its continued viability, CCD went to court to challenge this violation of the human rights of travelers with disabilities.  The Supreme Court of Canada sided with CCD.

“A country that is committed to human rights and accessibility does not leave it to community organizations to police the transportation industry in order to prevent carriers from violating the mobility rights of people with disabilities,” states Bob Brown, Co-Chair of the CCD Transportation Committee, who will be present at the Roundtable.

Relatedly, CCD will also call for the strengthening of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), which regulates the transportation system and protects the human rights of persons with disabilities to an accessible transportation network.  For example, Canada could empower the CTA to take proactive actions to remedy barriers without a complaint first coming from a traveler with a disability.  This would lead to greater system-wide change.

Another area that will be addressed concerns the federal government using its spending power to promote accessibility and universal design.  To ensure that accessibility becomes a priority, CCD will urge the Federal Government to attach universal design requirements to all infrastructure spending, procurement activities and subsidies to industry.

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) is a national organization of people with disabilities working for an inclusive and accessible Canada.


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International Day of People with Disabilities: Dec. 3rd Event in New Westminster


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Job listing: CFO position at non-profit organization

We have been asked to post the following listing for a CFO position at another organization:

You will directly supervise the Controller and Manager of Operations, Grants & Accountability, as well as indirectly supervise the overall Finance team.



  • Provide strategic management and oversight of the accounting and finance functions, including payroll and grant processing;
  • Participate in the development of strategic and/or operational plans and direct related plan implementation from a finance perspective;
  • Develop a sustainable financial model and contribute to the development of a business model;
  • Provide internal financial data, analysis and recommendations to facilitate strategic and operational decision making;
  • Work collaboratively with the Resource Development (RD) team on revenue generation, as well as seek Value In Kind and earned revenue opportunities;
  • Oversee contracts and RFPs;
  • Ensure financial policies and procedures are in place and ensure compliance;
  • Evaluate monthly reporting protocol to department managers, including recommendations for improvements to ensure integrity and appropriateness of financial information;
  • Oversee annual budget, forecasting and projections;
  • Manage relationships with independent auditors and oversee the annual audit process;
  • Oversee the collection, distribution and tracking of all funds as part of the financial reporting function;
  • Ensure compliance with provincial and federal legislation, generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP), funding agreements and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA);
  • Ensure record systems are maintained in accordance with GAAP standards, CRA and funding agreements’ terms;


  • Oversee treasury function, including relationships with banking institutions and external fund managers;
  • Ensure ongoing evaluation of technology relating to financial reporting systems, including provision of IT maintenance and support agreements and integration with fundraising and other systems;
  • Oversee submission of tax returns, filings and payments of all applicable taxes and certify to the Board of Directors that all tax filings and related payments have been made; and
  • Provide leadership with building, mentoring, and monitoring the Finance team’s performance.


  • Build relationships with donors, corporations, industry investors and federal/provincial governments;
  • Ensure a full accountability, tracking and reporting system is in place to manage commitments with key stakeholders;
  • Oversee financial reporting to stakeholders, including funding bodies under the terms of the associated agreements, donors and public bodies;
  • Identify and manage business and legal risks, as well as insurance requirements and relationships with insurance brokers; and
  • Oversee endowment programs, management of funds and procedures.


  • Professional accounting accreditation and university degree in Finance or a related discipline;
  • 10+ years of experience in accounting and finance, including 5+ years in a senior management role;
  • Experience in a not-for-profit environment and with fund accounting;
  • Strategic planning and project management experience;
  • Expertise with financial accounting software and reporting systems; and
  • Knowledge of all aspects of GAAP as applied in Canada.


  • Experience reporting to Boards and third party users of financial information; and
  • Experience in industry, academia or government.


  • Competitive salaries
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Vacation and paid sick leave

For more info, contact:

Roland Hanzek
Practice Leader

Mercer Bradley Inc. |
Suite 500 – 666 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 3P6
P: 778.331.7570 Ext. 6469


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DABC is Clicklaw’s Organization of the Month

DABC is Clicklaw’s Organization of the Month!

To learn more about DABC’s work and read an interview with DABC advocate Lillian Wong, please visit the Clicklaw blog:

The article highlights DABC’s new partnership with PLAN Institute and the BC Aboriginal Network on Disability (BCANDS). Through this partnership, we can help people who are eligible for the Registered Disability Savings PLAN (RDSP) to apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) – which you need for the RDSP. Plan Institute can help clients to open an RDSP, and BCANDS can help Indigenous British Columbians with the DTC and RDSP.

Thank you to Clicklaw and the Courthouse Libraries for recognizing DABC’s work benefitting British Columbians with disabilities.


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